AMRUT Reforms


Booklet -1 AMRUT Reforms for F.Y. 2017-18 (Click here to Download)


Booklet -2 AMRUT Reforms  for F.Y. 2018-19 (Click here to Download)





Documentary Evidence


1 E-Governance 1 Personnel Staff Management (ULB Level) 1- Online Notification of Recruitment ruls for all Municipal Cadres 1 Snapshot of online notified recruitment rules and URL/web link :-
Annexure 1.1.1
2- Online Up-to-date service records/Staff details and seniority list of last two years
(2015-16 & 2016-17)
1.5 Snapshot of online up to date service records reforms performance appraisal seniority list

Annexure 1.1.2
3- Online Biometric Attendance System 1.5 Proof of bio metric attendance system snapshots Annexure 1.1.3
4- Online Payment of Salaries & wages 2 Proof of online payment to employees snapshots Annexure 1.1.4
5- Online Employee’s Grievance redressal system. 2 Screen shot of or URL of grievance system and suo motu system

6- Sou-motu disclosure under RTI Act on website. 2 Annexure 1.1.6
Total 10
2 Project Manegement (ULB Level) 1- Online PMIS : Financial Progress 2 Project management system either at state or ULB Level
2-Screenshot of website showing capability and example of online NIT,Online tender Document, Online Payments And Online tender submission with URL :-
3- Screen shot of MIS showing physical and financial progress for year 2017-18 in state with URL
4- Document/digital proof of geotagging of assets at state & ULB level
5- ScreenShot for online Payments to consultant/contractor/vendor
Annexure 1.2.1 & 1.2.2
2- Online PMIS : Physical Progress 2
3- Online issue of NIT and Providing tender documents online 1 Annexure 1.2.3
4- Online submission of tender including online payment of EMD 2 Annexure 1.2.4
5- Online payments to consultants/ contractor / vendors 2 Annexure 1.2.5
6- Geo-tagging of assets created (on mAMRUT App) 1 Annexure 1.2.6
Total 10
2 Municipal Cadre 1 Policy for right sizing the number of Municipal Functionaries by States 10 Copy of notification/government order/ cabinet approval of state/UT Policy Annexure 2.1
3 Double Entry
Accounting System (DEAS) ULB Level)
1 Implementation of accrual based Double Entry Accounting System 10 Snap Shot of DEAD
Annexure 3.1
2 Publication of Audited Balance-Sheet /Annual Financial Statements on ULB Website (Year 2015-16, 2016-17, & 2017-18) Attached Annexure 3.2
4 Urban Planing 1 Establish Urban Development Authority 10 Copy of draft/ govt Notification for Establishment of Urban Development authorities Annexure 4.1
2 Develop at least one children Park every Year in AMRUT Cities (Year 2015-16, 2016-17, & 2017-18) (ULB Level) – Development/ Construction & Value addition in a park with children’s facilities 10 1- copy of work order completion certificate of children park development during last three years
2- Picture duly certified by ulb with location of developed parks
Annexure 4.2
5 Swatchh Bharat Mission (S.B.M.) 1- Elimination of Open Defecation (O.D.F.) Elimination of Open Defecation (O.D.F.) State Sanitation Policy 5 1-Certificate for nos of ulbs declared ODF
2- Declaration/Certificate by Executive Officer of ULB for percentage of complaints
resolutition on swachhta app by ulb

Annexure 5.1


GCF Certificate

ULB ODF Declaration

Elimination of Open Defecation (O.D.F.) Percentage of Certified ODF ULBs 5
Total 10
2- Waste Collection (Door to Door Collection ) (ULB Level) 1- Percentage of wards with 100% door to door Waste Collections 4 Declaration /certificate by Executive officer of ULB on Numbers
of Ward Under Door to Door Collection
Annexure 5.2.1
2- Percentage of Complaints resolution on Swachhatta App by ULB. 3 2- Declaration/Certificate by Executive Officer of ULB for percentage
of complaints resolutition on swachhta app by ulb
Annexure 5.2.2
3- Percentage of Wards practicing 100% source segregation 3 Declaration /certificate by Executive officer of ULB on Numbers
of Ward Under segregation at source
Annexure 5.2.3


Total 10
3 Transportation of Waste (100%) Percentage of collected waste being transported for scientific disposal
(scientific land fill or processing)
10 Percentage of collected waste is not being transported for scientific disposal Annexure 5.3
4 Scientific Disposal 100% (Composting RDF, Waste to Energy etc) Percentage of waste being processed scientifically. 10 Percentage of collected waste is not being processed scientifically. Annexure 5.4
Total 100